Why am I due a Tax Refund?

Single Parents?

You can qualify for One-Parent Family Tax Credit if you are a single parent, or a person who has custody of and maintains a child who is living with him or her. This can include someone who is single, widowed or a surviving civil partner. The child must reside with you for the whole or part of the year.

Redundancy And Lost Employment

If you have been made redundant you may be entitled to Top Slicing Relief. The purpose of Top Slicing Relief is that an employee who has been made redundant is not taxed at a rate greater than the taxpayer’s average rate of tax for the three income tax years prior to the tax year in which you received your redundancy payment.

If you have lost your job recently you may be entitled to a tax refund.

Contact us by phone or email and we will be able to establish if you are due any tax relief on a redundancy payment you received.

Recently Married Couples

If you are recently married, it can be more beneficial to be jointly assessed for tax purposes. This is especially the case when one spouse earns more than the other spouse.

Joint Assessment/Aggregation

Joint Assessment is usually the most favorable basis of assessment for a couple in a marriage. One of the spouses, the assessable spouse, assumes the responsibility for the joint tax liability. The other spouse is called the non-assessable spouse. Generally, Joint Assessment is beneficial if one spouse has a higher income than the other spouse. For example, if you have got married recently and you earn approximately €45,000 per annum and your spouse earns €20,000 p/a, by us bringing you together for the purpose of taxation it can benefit both spouses.

Taxation with regard to being separately assessed or jointly assessed as a married couple can be complicated and requires detailed calculation to establish what the best option for each client is. Contact us by phone or email and we can advise you on the best option for you and your spouse.

Cross Border Workers – Northern Ireland

Living in Northern Ireland working in the Republic of Ireland
How are Northern Ireland citizens entitled to tax refunds form the Irish Revenue Commissioners?

The typical situation we deal with on a daily basis is where both spouses are non-resident (living in Northern Ireland) but one spouse has income subject to tax in the State (one spouse is working in the Republic of Ireland).

A tax refund may be due if the following cases arise:

  • both spouses are non-resident;
  • one spouse has income chargeable to tax in the State; and
  • the other spouse has no income (i.e. the earnings of the spouse working in the State are the only source of income of the couple)

Even if the other spouse has income from Northern Ireland a measure of tax relief may due. Contact us by phone or email and we can advise you on the best option for you and your spouse.

Getting Tax Back is Easy!

We are a Tax advisory practice, specifically dealing with PAYE employees. Let us do the work and maximise any tax refund that you may be due back with an average refund of €890.

Step 1. Fill out the application form

Step 2. We prepare and submit your application to the Revenue Commissioners

Step 3. Revenue will issue any tax refund that may be due directly to you.

Step 4. We will then invoice you for the agreed fee.


"I used Get Tax Back a few months back and have to say i wasn't disappointed with the service,very informative,hassle free and more importantly fast. Iam busy alot of the time and having to deal with the Revenue in relation to refunds etc just isn't something I like to deal with so gave this a go, great service with very informative staff and would recommend Get Tax Back to fellow colleagues and friends."

Jason Mc Garrell, Clonsilla, Dublin 15

"Fantastic service. So professional and above all, its so nice to get a cheque at the end of it, for a tax refund I didn't even know I was entitled to! Cant recommend Tax Pie enough."

Rachael Pedan, Navan , Co Meath

"I would highly recommend Get Tax Back, I wasn't aware I was due any Tax Back, so was delighted when I recieved a cheque for over €2,000.00. Their 'No Refund-No Fee' policy is great, so its well worth getting it checked out and takes the hassle of having to Contact Revenue."

Peter Meenan, Trim, Co Meath

"I contacted Get Tax Back because I was out of work and had never claimed back any Tax before. Great service and was delighted to get a cheque in the Post. Highly recommend Get Tax Back, as I can contact them anytime when I need some Tax advice."

Claire Doyle, Blanchardstown, Dublin

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